4 Social Media Case Studies to learn from

When it comes to learning from social media, go for the real deal. Go for real examples, not the blah blah guy. Enough said.

Here are four such great examples of social media case studies which gives you insights on how brands used social media to find solutions to their problems.

1. Dairy Queen Ice Cream Brand

Dairy Queen Ice Cream Brand Social Media Service Case Study
Michael Fruchter does an elaborate study about the popular ice cream brand Dairy Queen and how it used social media to its marketing mix. It talks about how Dairy Queen used all social media channels including blog, facebook etc to create a wider social media online presence for the brand.

2. Garrendenny Lane Interiors

Garrendenny Lane Interiors Social Media Service Case Study

This case study talks about how a home based business made it popular on the web using purely social media marketing. Very interesting and inspiring.

3. Best Buy Case Study

Best Buy Social Media Service Case Study

Best Buy is one of the brands that have done really well on social media. Best Buy if you didn’t know is the electronic retail chain, that has done really well in its marketing efforts online. Robin Grant writes about how Best Buy created a good presence online using social media.

4. Social Media Case Study – Intel

Intel Social Media Service Case Study

Insights about how Intel manages its social media entities with interviews from its social media managers.

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