5 Fashion must-haves you should stash under your work desk

Ladies, listen-up! In our weekly efforts to try and make your fashion journey as stylish and easy as possible, we’ve created a list of 9 things you need to keep stashed under, or locked if you have trust issues, under you work desk.

That’s right we’ve all been in the dreary situation wherein we need to zip out of the office within in matter of seconds, because duty calls at the strangest, ugliest hours, what a disaster right?

So if you would like to avoid such beastly situation follow these full-proof, McCollins Media’s guaranteed tips and tricks;

*Results may vary*

Kitty-Heels-women-shoes1. Kitty heels/ Pumps

Nothing adds vigour of high street glam to your last minute ensemble like a pair of kitty heels! Not only will the slight heel accentuate your figure, but it will also give you the added boost of confidence, you know what they say if you aren’t prepared, might as well walk-in in style.

Style Tip: we suggest black or nude, they look good with almost anything!


2. A black Blazer

Black Jacket blazer

This is pretty mush self-explanatory, but since we take it upon ourselves to save your haggard style on that treacherous day,
we shall explain. Basically a little black jacketis what you should consider a savior,
because not only will it make you look oodles smarter, however wearing a fitted cinched coat can give your demeanor the perfect mid-day uplift, making you A-okay for any meeting.

Style Tip: Keep-it long, short jackets don’t quite look good with everything,
we are talking midi length.





3.  A Scarf
A chiffon, square scarf can do bundles of service to your office style, well, atleast as long as you know how to knot  it right. You almost instantly give your style a glam spruce with a clashing scarf around your neck, and the best part is one scarf can match, compliment number of outfits. So, stop being stingy and go invest in a pretty scarf, and get watching “how to tie a professional scarf tutorial” on youtube.

Style Tip: we suggest florals this summer.

4. A good Fragrance


Trust us when we say this, but when you head for that “oh so dreaded”
the last thing you want is to smell like that onion bagel you had for lunch.
So go to the mall and invest in that one signature scent, that’s going to set you
apart and enlighten spirits as you walk by.

Style Tip: Get a fragrance to match your personality,
you scent truly does say a lot about you!


5. A red lipstick

LipstickAgain, quite self-explanatory, but the truth is nothing can add as much confidence in your look as much as a little red chap-stick, Honestly, consider it your secret weapon!

Style Tip: We suggest  ruby red!

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