A day in the life of a PR professional

Life in a world of cut throat competition, sleepless nights thinking about coverage reports and pleasing numerous journalists and clients can be both exhilarating and strenuous.

The PR professional of today needs to go beyond the role of a socialite and spin master. Being a public relations practitioner today means being the effective and “reliable” source of information.

In this rat race of leveraging events and breakthrough announcements a PR
consultants can become a story churning machine or a professional who looks beyond the obvious and consults with media and clients alike.

The day starts with a battle between tackling urgent e-mails or reading the
newspapers to track coverage. Setting an agenda for the day not only means knowing what has to be done, but also allocating time to get it done.

Once you have your tasks set out, you start the day by getting most of the writing done and consulting with clients. When you have the time to look at your PR plans, story angles and have your clients attention you are guaranteed to have a productive morning. It is vital to prioritize urgent media queries and act on them immediately, as its all about being in the right place at the right time.

The post lunch activities are usually those jobs that you know you would like to keep for when your not completely in the zone to sit at your desk. Media calls, event coordination and many such tasks can keep you on your feet and help you have a fruitful second half.

The day usually ends by sending updates of stories to come or submitting press releases and articles for client approvals.

Its realistic achievements with even more real stories that makes a PR professionals life bliss.

Being in PR always means dealing with people, which is what makes the job
exciting. The most interesting people are easily accessible and you can get an insight into numerous situations easily.

All in all whoever said PR is one of the most thankless professions may be corrected. When a client sends an e-mail thanking you or media appreciates your efforts, it makes it all worth it. With correct use of time and knowing what works a PR professional can hit the right spot.

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