An all-agency meeting unlike ever before. McCelebration!

We are a happy bunch at McCollins Media.
Here is the team that was asked to drop everything and go down for lunch.
Oh hi there fancy limousine!
McCollins Media- Social Media Agency

Nothing says thank you to an unsuspecting team quite like a surprise Limousine ride to a Yacht party. Yup.

McCollins Media Dubai

When she isn’t planning yacht parties, she is at the helm of the McCollins Media, steering the ship through the turbulent tides of the technology towards shores of strategy.

We had some champagne popping, some wrestling with helium balloons, some attempts at salsa between mouthfuls of shawarma, some good stuff, some silly stuff, and some other stuff happened but I can’t remember it right now. I’ll leave you to fill in the blanks.

Evidence of inter-agency mingling & fun times below.

Mobile App Development Company
Mobile App development Agency
Mobile App development
Mobile App Dubai

More of the fun at:

What a day!

A huge high five to the McCollins Team, for wanting to do things better and finding ways to do it.

This is the product of our culture, not the cause of it.

We look forward to more brilliant work and more champagne.

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