Don’t just write content . . . ENGAGE!

Do you want your voice to be heard faster than anyone else, I have a secret word for you “Engage”! Make sure to include hashtags and mentions in your tweets. Remember! There are enough people out there tweeting quotes everyday! Don’t be one of them! Stand out with your interactive questions, latest news, and bright images!

Before you tweet anything, think this way: “Will I reply, favorite, or retweet this?” If not, then rethink it!

It took Twitter three years, two months and one day to reach its first billion tweets. Today, there are over a billion tweets sent every three days, according to Twitter. It’s a new opportunity reborn everyday . . . get engaged, communicate and make the full use of it!

Here’s the story in a simple info-graph:
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Here are some tips and best practices for you to become more interactive on Twitter:

1) Share: let them see how your life looks like! Tweet nice images of things you like, dislike, or matters you need some opinions on.

2) Listen: Regularly monitor tweets about things of an interest to you—simply by searching hashtags! You need to know what are they saying about your brand, favorite topics or latest news—stay updated! Find those news, interact with them and remember–followers of other people will see the interaction and might follow and interact with you!

3) Ask: Make sure your tweets are interactive enough! For example, instead of saying “ What a beautiful weather!” you can say “Waw, I’m in #love with the #weather, aren’t you?” or “The #weather is amaaazing in my city #Dubai, what about you?” Simple, isn’t it?

4) Respond: Respond to compliments and feedback in real time!

Bonus tip: Read about “107 Twitter Slang, Words & Abbreviations” here:

And you are ready to go…

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