#DubaiExpo2020 : A national social effort

Dubai is on the edge of its seat, as we await the verdict of the 167 members of the committee voting on who will host the Expo 2020. The final vote on the Expo takes place in Paris on November 27th 2013, today!

Bid supporters all over the world are taking to social media to support the #DubaiExpo2020 hashtag.

Dubai is no stranger to making headlines, and it has put up an unparalleled campaign to support this bid:  social media streams are buzzing with escalating excitement as connected, solutions-oriented bid supporters are sharing their pride in the UAE’s success, its achievements and its vision for the future.

world expo 2020In fact, there is a social media mention of the #DubaiExpo2020 every 17 seconds!

Whether it is the Cannes award winning video featuring young Ali, the Twitter campaign with the Arabic hashtag “My house supports Expo” that got UAE homeowners flying the Expo flag, the photographs of the experiential ‘The Cube’ flooding Instagram or the video by Emirati comedian Ali Al Sayed that depicts the emirate as a magical place, young bid supporters across the nation aren’t waiting for anybody to craft the perfect messaging and are backing the bid in their unique style. None of this is scripted.

The official Facebook page and YouTube channel play their role by bringing forth initiatives by organizations and people who are joining the bid, and setting stage for the outpouring of support.

Two social media platforms have caught the imagination of the people and witnessed remarkable engagement of user generated content: Twitter and Instagram, both have opened doors to a stream of support that updates itself organically and witnesses brands, celebrities and influencers becoming bid ambassadors, by the minute, as I type.

But behind the scenes, we quietly observed the nation unite in pursuit of a common objective unlike anything else in recent history.

The inspiring synergy between the UAE Nationals and expats in pursuing the bid is reflective of the combined efforts that have made the city what it is today.

Dubai can be sure that no stone has been left unturned in the campaign breathing and living the theme of the bid:

Connecting minds and creating the future.


Dubai deserves to win the Expo 2020, but if it does not get it we will all be a little richer for having tried.

We are proud to support #DubaiExpo2020.

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