Fashionably Yours

Fashion can be an obsession, a path towards spirituality, even an extension of you. And, no matter what anyone tells you, everyone wants to look their best. Be your own style savior and incorporate simple style quotients in your wardrobe.
As a PR consultant working on fashion brands, you know the importance of photo researching. It is important to study and understand trends, style guides across fashion weeks, local designers and update oneself with fashion blogs from time to time.

The photo/image selection can make or break your press release being covered by the fashion magazines you are pitching to. Images play an important role and the fashion devil knows what you are referring to. Understanding fashion is important before pitching to the media. Be smart and make your client aware of the fashion scene across the world and try to depict versatile styles always.
Fashion editors expect you to know everything from trends, styles and look books. One doesn’t even have the scope to realize when fashion becomes a fad and vice versa. In this fraternity any fashion PR consultant should always plan ahead of season and must be able to cope up with the ever dynamic fashion scene.

A year ago when I started working on fashion clients it was extremely challenging to convince media to feature your brands in the magazines/newspapers. I noticed with the passage of time that the products I choose to feature were irrelevant with the current fashion. Hence I started following fashion photographers, fashion weeks in Europe and researched on fashion history. Over a period of time I learned that pictures/images selection and research is really crucial for fashion PR. The fashion media takes time to pick up products/images, as they are always waiting to see what more your clients can offer. The key to enhancing your relations with the media and ensuring they give you coverage is to offer the fashion devil what she loves and be ahead of time.
Last thing one needs to know while working as a PR consultant, be passionate about whatever you do. If you are not happy with what you do, it does reflect in your performance. “Effective communication is 20% what you know and 80% how you feel about what you know”.

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