How to find out if you’re an authority on Twitter ?

Got more than 10,000 followers on Twitter? Here’s what – Nobody cares a s***!

a Ooh! Some strong language there. But makes sense, does it not?

Every time you find “that guy” who boasts of his ‘two digit thousand’ number of follower on Twitter and you’re like, asking yourself – “So what ?”

Unless you’re Kim Kardashain or Ashton Kutcher or someone along the lines of these celebrities, there’s no reason why you should have followers in thousands. Seriously.

(Oh! Unless you’re one of those internet marketing expert who keep adding “Dog biscuits” and “Instant bank loans” to your network.)

Well, not trying to sound stupid, but the thing is that people have grown up now. They understand. Number doesn’t mean everything, to everyone. It might mean authority to some folks, but it is not based on the numbers itself. It is also about who you are and what you do.

There are several internet marketers who have millions of friends even more than Kim Kardashain (wait..why do I keep taking her example ?) or NASA even. Now, that sounds a bit stupid, as anyone can assume.

Do numbers mean everything?

Nope, it doesnt. Actually, yes and no. It depends on who you are. If you’re an already known celebrity/brand, it is understandable as to why you have thousands of followers, but someone who started off the other month ? Completely fishy.

Brands these days are realizing the importance of “meaningful conversations” compared to numbers.

Numbers only mean volume. Unless you can convert that volume to meaningful conversations, they don’t mean anything. Volume is an after effect of time on social media and anything grown unnaturally huge within unimaginable short amounts of time, will raise eye brows among the public.

Here’s a flow chart that will help you understand if you’re a reputable brand/person or not on social media.

How to find out if you're an authority on Twitter

How to find out if you’re an authority on Twitter

P.S – The study was conducted impromptu and nobody was harmed during the process. The data we presume is pretty much obvious, if you didn’t figure it out already.

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