How Can Social Media be Used to Pave the Way for Environmental Consciousness in the UAE

Evolution of technology is ironically the only constant in today’s changing world. As the social networking sites increase their foothold, the planet seems to shrinking when it comes to communication and ideas sharing. While these sites immensely empower individuals, it also lends a collective platform for raising awareness on diverse environmental issues.

One of the most profound manifestations of our communication behaviour, has culminated itself in the form of conversations and relationships being built on the various Social Media platforms.

Since these platforms such as Blogs, Facebook, Twitter and the various social bookmarking sites such as and Stumbleupon are being used to send out messages with regards to technology, political affairs, current happenings and all of the information that is available to be shared, there are many creative ways to use these to inculcate environmental consciousness amongst the people in the UAE.

1)  BLOG

The first and the most plausible of the ways to give rise to environmental consciousness amongst the residents of the UAE is by creating a blog about the various issues. To begin with the blog posts can be written with regards to the fact as to how water can be conserved in the region.


The second Social Media platform that can be utilised up to the zenith is Facebook. This is one social media platform that can be collectively used to discuss numerous environmental issues on a single platform. Not only would this platform garner the opinions of the people with regards to certain environmental issues being faced by the region, but would also be able to communicate the ways the ways and means in which the people can lend a hand in preserving the environmental vicinity of the UAE.

This is one platform that not only utilizes the power of words but also that of the various interactive and communicative mediums such as pictures, videos, link sharing etc.

This platform can easily be used to spread awareness about issues such as problems of waste management and pollution concerns that are rising, especially at the proximity of new industrial complexes.


Twitter, as a social media platform in the UAE can be regarded as the third and the most insightful of the resources that can be tapped to invigorate environmental consciousness in the UAE. This can be done firstly having a panel of environmentalists residing in UAE carry out a twitter discussion on the various environmental issues being faced by the region, and the prospective solutions to those problems.

This activity would not only help in the dissemination of a lot of practical ways to  conserve the environment in the UAE, but would also have a lot more people becoming the recipients of this information, and the message being spread much more faster than any other platform.


Youtube is another one of the most interactive platforms, available at our disposal to exploit in a variety of ways.  This social media platform can be used to address issues such as the issues of high ecological footprint which is largely due to the high carbon dioxide emissions.

The issue of ecological has certain pertinent technicalities attached to it. These technicalities can be explained to the people by means of certain videos, where the visual explanation would appeal to the people more than the written theoretical explanations.

These videos would enhance the absorption of the message and would lead to more action oriented understanding.


The various social bookmarking sites have demonstrated their importance time and again. Through the  social book marking sites are many a times considered as a last resort to the social media activities, but they have proven themselves to be the most wonderful tools with immense reach and penetration.

The social book marking sites can be utilised to create environmental awareness in a variety of ways. All of the content that is published with reference to the environmental conservation in the use can be posted on to these sites. This would see the convergence of the messages from the various social media platforms to a single venue, increasing the visibility of a lot of messages that otherwise may not be accessible to the people.

In the end I would want to conclude by saying that trying to save the environment  has more to do with changing the habits of the people, and their habits can be changed only by asking them to do so, the way they want to be told!

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