How Celebrity Style and Trends Influence Fashion PR

“Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live.”Gianni Versace

Fashion is not something that exists in apparel only. It is something that we can witness in everything, whether it is the sky, food we love eating, happenings in the city or perhaps the people we interact with everyday. But the only way to make a cut above the rest is to develop your individual style when working in the Fashion Communications industry.

At most times people’s tastes and preferences are greatly influenced by their interactions with other people within the same community. These external factors greatly influence our habits, attitude and not to forget our individual perceptions of fashion and style.

The world of fashion is one of the most competitive landscapes today. With an array of international and local designers fighting for pages in Vogue, Elle, Harper’s and runway space for fashion shows across the world, public relations has become the most important tool for the fashion industry. If you ask any fashion insider they will always highlight, effective fashion PR strategies include more than just media relations, but extend to celebrity relations and also consumer driven events.

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The recently held BAFTA 2013 Awards witnessed celebrities wearing A-list designers in the fashion industry. Whether it was the Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine wearing her favourite Alexander McQueen dress or Anne Hathaway wearing the classic Burberry, celebrities love wearing A-list designer creations. And designers on the other hand love creating couture designs for their celebrity friends, it’s vice versa celebrities’ dawn the newest creations and push the sales for designers too. For public relation professionals working on fashion, these opportunities are perfect to generate bigger stories while focusing on the brand’s development.

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Celebrities most times wear clothes that reflect their personality, style and enjoy showing off their individuality. Even if celebrities wear street wear or luxury fashion, they are always praised and greatly appreciated for what could become the next trend. Online newswires and famous magazines always feature celebrities to gain more readers and expand the exposure of the media vehicle. There are thousands of styles worn by celebrities that have greatly influenced the world of fashion. That is one of the key reasons why celebrity clothing has become a big fad because clothes look great on them, and an ordinary person dreams to look fabulous wearing them. This directly pushes the sales for the designer’s brand the celebrity is wearing or endorsing at any

social event. From designer’s shoes, totes, to a stylish dress people will try really hard to achieve their favourite celebrity’s look. Some people go to the extent of copying celebrity looks displayed in magazines, now called “Steal the Style” section in most
popular fashion tabloids which they believe are fashionable.
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Celebrity styles and clothing have a great influence on individuals who value fashion. Some people are inspired by their favourite celebrities to feel stylish and follow their fashion idol. To conclude, I would like to add a quote which is my favourite “fashions fade, but style is eternal” – Yves Saint Laurent

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