How To Take Your Hotel’s Digital Communication Beyond Facebook

There are more targeted digital channels to reach and engage your hotel’s audience beyond Facebook, which has become an overrated avenue where every brand posts fairly unoriginal messages every day.
Lucky enough, over the last few years Silicon Valley has produced new social media platforms catering to all sorts of audiences. They differentiate from each other, playing by different rules and leveraging specific types of content to engage their users.

Here are 5 ways to promote your hotel through a combination of specialized social media channels.
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Twitter: take your digital conversation to the next level

Most hotels, by now, are using Twitter not only to update their customers on seasonal offers and promotions, but especially to talk to them, bring in new business, or gain valuable customer feedback. Some go as far as offering 24/7 customer assistance, as an alternative to waiting for a call center operator to pick up customers’ calls. Hotels should beware though, as the feedback is not always positive, so get ready to quickly follow up and provide solutions for any disappointed customers.

Instagram: show what’s behind the scenes

As the latest trends are showing, social media is getting more and more visual. Instagram offers a great opportunity to showcase your hotel through authentic real-time images, capturing more intimate moments than stock photography. For instance you can post pictures of the hotel’s employees to reveal the “human” face of the hotel, or publicize “hidden gems” inside your establishment. Also, posting a snapshot of a special event will show that your hotel can offer much more than a comfortable bed and an Americano.

Blogs: create a special program for influencers

Highly-engaging social media influencers can generate interest in your property by sharing their narratives on popular blogs. So invite food, lifestyle and beauty bloggers to review your hotel or the facilities/restaurants that it features.
Don’t treat them like a one-night stand: build a long term relationship with them, getting them involved with events and brand activations – and simply liking their Facebook posts, “retweeting” and “repinning”.

FourSquare: make your guests proud of checking in

Claim the hotel’s location on FourSquare and monitor how many people check-in. FourSquare always incentivizes its users to leave recommendations and personal tips for the next visitors: a handy way to know what your guests particularly liked (or disliked) about the venue.
In addition, every time a customer ‘checks in’ at your hotel, all his/her friends will automatically be informed through their news feed. This is a subtle way of generating word of mouth referrals and promoting your business without coming across as intrusive.

YouTube: transform your lobby in a cinematographic set

Besides being active on Instagram, showcase your hotel and its facilities “in motion” through a YouTube channel. Videos are the most entertaining form of content and they convey your brand’s personality to the fullest.
A “hotel tour” through different room types, a cooking class held by one of the house chefs, an interview with the Spa Manager, or even a recreational event involving employees… there are endless ways to cut through the digital clutter!

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