How to use Facebook Timeline for Pages: Explore the new features

Every brand is a manifestation of a story and with the launch of the New Facebook Timeline for Pages, Facebook made this even more possible. So I completely enjoyed watching the FMC Livestream and the way Sheryl Sandberg took us through the evolution of technology and Facebook! There are several case studies on how Facebook has changed people’s lives, but as a marketer, what is exciting to explore is how they thought through increase interaction with these people on Facebook Pages. Rich adapting story telling which evolve and involve the customers.

1. Cover Image

    on the page is going to play a strong role in creating an experience for the fan who visits the brands page. There is so much one can do with the cover image creativity wise.


2. Landing Tab & Apps:

    Yes I loved the landing tab, however, the increased area we have got to play around with for the applications, makes it a lot more exciting for us to come up with ideas for brands. There is so much more that can be done within that space!

3. Fan Interaction :

    Every marketer values customer engagement the most, and with the Premium Ads on Facebook, the user interaction with the brand is definitely going to be a lot more effective, my personal favorite is the news feed premium ad! Brands get to stand out and Facebook acts as a content hub.


4. Flexibility of the Page :

    You can “star” a post you find important and would want your fans to pay attention to, or you could “allow” a post by your fan to get more importance, and even better, you can also have a post of the week which ensures your brands key post does not get hidden with everyday posts.


5. Private Messages:

    We’ve being longing to have this feature for a while now, and it’s a great tool to have in order to interact with our fans! Brands get a lot more to learn about their target audience with the feedback we get from the users.

6. Admin Access:

    In due course of time, Facebook will introduce Admin Access with variations in terms of the extent to which a person can be an admin of a particular page!


7. Premium on Facebook :

    What excites me is how a campaign can be transformed into a conversation ! Facebook has introduced four routes of Premium Ads which are within the conversations people are already having. With this Reach Generator feature, ads are indeed going to be transformed into stories.

8. Milestones :

    For brands that have evolved with time and have a lot of history, Milestone works very well in terms of when the company was founded, when were their key products launched and so on! Fans become more aware of the story behind the brand and how it came about!


9. Friend Activity:

    Word of mouth still works the best or we still often tend of believe what our friends suggest we should try. As you land on the new Facebook Timeline for Pages, it shows your friends activities with the brand. I believe this would increase a person’s interaction with the brand when they see the people they know like the brand and engage with it as well.


10. Real Time Insights:

    This is what we are marketers love the most ! I keep spending hours on in-sights analyzing what the fans on our page like or dislike! Now you can see the metrics and instantly change the campaign to adapt to the way your fans react to a campaign.


So what’s in it for us marketers? Well I believe the new Facebook Timeline can drive reach, story generation and increase the engagement with our audience to a whole new level. The branding is now organically integrated into the overall environment and along with it, all the stories generated by fans.
Yes, we will have to re-examine the app strategy and experiment with the new platform, however, this seems so very exciting and I cannot personally wait to have all our clients pages transformed to the new Facebook Timeline.
Well, that was most of what I think about the new Facebook Timeline and its features! Let me know your thoughts!

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