Importance of Feedback in Brand Loyalty

“Customer Service” is all about bringing customers back to your business. Let’s take the example of a Restaurant:-

The first step is to ensure you have a well – trained staff with a pleasing and cheerful attitude.

Your second step would be to understand the needs and wants of your customers so that you’re in a position to satisfy them better than any other competitor.

A satisfied customer will always return, while the unsatisfied one will never turn up again. As a business, track your customer’s satisfaction at all times. Fix things that go wrong.

There are times when your customers go either offline or online with their negative comments regarding a particular product or service. Do not ignore your customers feedback be it online, through a feedback form or maybe even an email. Often brands don’t realize that there can be benefits to receiving negative feedback from a particular customer.

Brand LoyaltyLet’s face it! There’s no way to steer clear of negative comments and reviews. Amongst all media, Social media is said to be one of the most powerful tools for brands of all types. It helps brands to connect, establish a relation, and engage with customers so as to increase brand awareness and website traffic – eventually promoting an increase in sales.

Remember, sometimes your customer can be extremely picky, or maybe your customer has had a terrible experience to have actually taken the time to write about his/her experience either by addressing it to you directly or via your social media accounts like Facebook or Twitter feeds.

So what’s the solution?

  • Find And Fix The Problem: – Finding and fixing your customer’s problem can be one of the biggest and greatest challenges that you might face.
  • Listen patiently and respond to what is being said. Take feedback positively. It will only let you know if your brand is following or doing the right things.
  • Do not get emotional or frustrated. Take your time to reply. A thoughtful and personalized response to the feedback will make your customer want to give you that second chance.
  •  Think like a customer” and look at the situation from a brighter side; if you are getting a second chance to better the area that is in need for improvement – then this is the best time to prove yourself to be the best. Respond to the complaint or feedback positively – let your customer know that you value their opinion.
  •  Strategically, remember it is impossible to make all of your customers happy but in turn you can always choose to react to them by correcting your mistakes. If the complaint or feedback was dealt with effectively, your picky customer will surely tell other people about how awesomely you handled the situation.

Most importantly, always keep in mind – Your focus throughout your conversation should always be to retrieve positive feedback.

Positive feedback from your customers plays a crucial and vital role in your business. This will always spread the good news and will further refine your business tactics be it in print media or online social networking sites.

Similarly, if you find yourself stuck in the middle of negative feedback – Do not beat around the bush. Get to the point straight.

Be sure to step back, relax and take a deep breath before you comment. Leave a good impression with your comments and promise to address and resolve the issue at the earliest.

Take feedback positively and use it as an opportunity to improve yourself. It is good to know what your customer feels. Take each negative or positive feedback as a lesson to know what you did right or what you did wrong.

Opinions matter! They say your customer is always right.

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