Is your Customer Service ready for a new world of openness?

Many a times brand get on to social media, just because its the trend, all the other brands have, and your customers expect to see you there. However, how many brands are actually open to listening to their customers.. thats the big question! Reports say, 31% of customers will take to social media to vent about poor customer service.

Customers react very passionately to brands they like, however, brands normally do not respond back to customers and acknowledge their efforts. A classic example being the Nutella case study, when one of the fans, Ms.Russo, wanted to celebrate World Nutella Day. Instead of Nutella appreciating Mr.Russo’s efforts and emotions towards the brand, they asked her to stop celebrating this day. She got 40,000+ Facebook fans to celebrate World Nutella Day. She blogged her experience which created waves.

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Brands, in todays age and time, need to be a lot more receptive to their customers. Acknowledge their comments and suggestions as a starter. Social Media plays an instrumental role in brining the customer and the brand closer. Brands should not only be present on social media to hard sell their products, but respond. Brands need to learn to be a lot more human in their approach.

When McCollins Media has taken over the Roads and Transport Authority, Dubai, Social Media Account, i vividly remember the sentiment analysis of the brand made a gradual shift because of the way we swiftly replied on twitter. People started resorting to Twitter to have their queries answered. We had a issue which has to be resolved, and we got the higher authority to actually call the customer and solve the problem for him. That got us a lot of positive sentiment. I very much believe if the senior management would take customer suggestions and comments seriously, and as and when appropriate, get in touch with the customer to let them know they were heard, one positive experience, would create so many more brand advocates.

So before you get into the social media bandwagon, make sure you outline how transparent can you be with your customer, how will you manage customer service via digital channels. For a brand to get the initial positive momentum, make sure you make a record of the positive customer service case studies.

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What are your thoughts on customer service via social media in the middle east region? Share your experience with us!

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