The McCollins Evolution

Most of you would’ve already seen it. McCollins have evolved into a new design and brand, extending our digital presence even more evident and brighter. McCollins will now on sport a new 3D logo and will have an umbrella presence across all the major online networks – yes its beyond this website.

For those who haven’t noticed yet, we have a Facebook community, where lot of our fans hang around. This Christmas, we posted our video on YouTube which hit more than 300 unique hits in less than 4 dys of publishing. Not a bad start eh ?

If you haven’t then check out the video here.

Twitter – Let’s make some sense, Let’s talk !

Social Media Company

We have an ever active twitter account, where most of our friends and acquaintances engage with us. Well, we’re not boasting about it, but we think that most agencies out there have a Twitter account for name sake. They might have an agenda, but we couldn’t figure what.

So we have our stand. We use Twitter to meet new people and to share things we thought were err….worth sharing !
That’s it – no hidden agenda. In fact, Twitter is kind of tricky. Some people say that you can’t be blabbering, while statistics prove that more than 40% of tweets are pointless blabber. This blabber is what we’re keen to learn about. After all, they might not be blabber after all.

Anyways, if you notice our Twitter stream, you’ll notice that we’re like no other agency. We blabber, we share, we meet and greet, we argue, we debate and at the end of it all it makes sense. And that’s indeed our Twitter strategy. Let’s make some sense, let’s talk !

Facebook – Let’s kill some privacy. Let’s share.

We’re on facebook for a reason. There wasn’t one social media channel that we could think of that would connect us to the social media folks out there in one click ! Is there one ? We bet not.

Join us on Facebook if you like to have some fun. Seriously.

YouTube – Let’s make some news. Let’s play.

Also, we’re on YouTube. No..wait..we know what you’re thinking. So you’re on facebook , Twitter and now YouTube..big deal ! That was predictable. Was it not ? We don’t deny. :) But we’re up for some really cool stuff on YouTube, which we aren’t allowed to talk about now. So keep an eye on the channel –

And on top of all that, we have a brand new website ! In fact, this has been a good evolution we underwent, to say the least, you’ll see a lot more cool things from us!

Why should you watch out for McCollins ?

We’re up to some really fun things ahead. In fact, this Jan, you’ll hear some very interesting news from us. We don’t want to reveal it now as we’re “in the making” but its going to be something big and fun. And early birds do get their worm. So watch out. We suggest you subscribe to our Twitter channel, Facebook account and the blog. So you know when news breaks first.

(P.S – We’re loving this as much as you.)

Do let us know your thoughts as well. :)

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