Memoirs of a Brand Logo….continued

To continue with my sad story from the previous post…………..

And after I am fully created and presented to my parents to see, they tend to stare at me with a quizzical and perplexed look, wondering as to what can, they change in the way they look.  And after wondering for a prolonged period of time they again make plans for ruthlessly changing my body.

They want my hands put where my head was, they want my head and my face…….oh my god, is really beyond description!

In this extremely small and eventful life of mine I have also come across situations where I have been put forward in front of all you folks out there, been there for a lot many years, been the identity of a brand or corporation and then made into something else altogether.

Even now I am changed innumerable times before I actually see the light of the day, and have also been changed because some of you did not like the look of me or were used to seeing me look the same since times immemorial.

The journey has actually not been all that bad. I also really get happy at times when one of your kids looks at the yellow coloured “me” of McDonalds any their eyes grow as wide as saucers or when the girls look at “me” of Louis Vuitton, and the way they swoon over all over the bags which have “me” printed over them. It’s a great feeling to be recognised, even after being there for all these years, and not being considered as obsolete by any of you, or not being tired of.

It’s nice to know that some of you people actually like me looking the same would not want any kind of abrupt changes in the way I look. Really appreciate it, you know!

Well all said and done, I would just want to tie all of the loose ends now, with a little request to all of you creators of me. Please give me a little more importance than you do, as it me who makes the first impression for your brand. Make me in a way, by which I am able to distinguish you from all of the others and not toss you in a pile with all of the others.

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