Memoirs of a Brand Logo

Logo. A brand logo! Don’t be so surprised……that is what my name actually is. It’s just that the different brands and businesses have used me in different ways, to communicate different things, meanings messages, etc, which is why I don’t have a fixed shape and size like the rest of you.

Let me tell you something about how I came into the world….I was not delivered in the hospital if that is what you are thinking, but was conceived out of the minds of all of those people who call themselves “CREATIVES”

My birth actually dates back to Greece in ancient times, with my designing actually having a very humble beginning, as a cipher consisting of a single letter, and later a design or mark consisting of two or more letters intertwined. From there I evolved from simple ciphers to trademarks for traders and merchants, and as of the recent yesteryears I came to be regarded as an important entity being associated with everything on the planet.

This would include food, drinks, clothes, shoes, bags, offices, buildings, producers, retailers and anyone else that you can practically think of.

Since times immemorial I have told all of you people out there as to what are the time delineated goals of the company I stand for or the product or any kind of service you are developing or would want to develop. Phew! That was hard work. I had to be standing on the ad time after time or was inserted into the television commercials shot after shot to be able to register myself completely in your mind COMPLETELY, and not getting out of it all.

I got your complete attention by practically shouting out of all of the adverts that “here I am, and here’s what I do” kind of attention. Exhausting exercise I tell you!

Not only did I flaunt myself on the print ads and the TV commercials of the brands, but also pasted myself on giveaways such as mugs, pens or desktop calendars, t-shirts ……….and the list never seems to end, and all of this just to get your attention and a glance from you ;)

All of this may sound pretty glamour eh? But this journey from then to now has not been as good as it seems. Every time my so called “Biological Parents”, who are the creative’s, the visualizers and the designers sit together and share ideas about my conception, sorry conceptualization they tend to change me look twenty times at least.

Stay tuned, there is more of my sad story coming up in the next post…………

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