Social Media Phobia’s of Businesses

Claustrophobia, Cleptophobia, Achluophobia etc, have been heard of numerous times. Haven’t they! But now there is new phobia taking rounds around the place, which is the Sociomed phobia – This is the phobia which is very prominently lurking amongst a number of diverse businesses today which manifests itself in the form of the fear of a bad reputation or negative comment or feedback, that keeps the businesses from engaging in conversations with the people they are catering to.

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Reasons for the Phobia

What actually give rise to phobias such as these are often the misconceptions along with an utter lack of strategies, to consistently monitor the kind of feedback coming in, analysis of the feedback and last but not the least,  the response to this feedback.

There are also a lot more other reasons behind the fear. The biggest fear is that of interacting with their customers. The businesses feel that once if they say something, it’s already out there and there is no turning back, after that.

One another very prominent issue is that of a paradigm shift, where the message is not under the senders control anymore. It is the visibility that is not liked by them anymore. They have nurtured the notion that getting things “too personal” would not portray them as being professional anymore.

As the contemporary speaks of, many of the businesses, even in the digital world of today, are still diligently upholding the illusion that if their company owns the brand, then the lesser the transparency, the more would be the control ensured.

And lastly to conclude with the most basic of the reasons as to why the businesses are simply keeping away from the social media platforms is because of the fact that, they are of the basic opinion that if they have been successful with their brand management for all of these years, then why adopt to the usage of these platforms now.


Reasons to Overcome the Phobia


The great news about the businesses is that the fact that they would not have to be an expert to carry out conversations with their consumers. All of the social media platforms are for anyone and everyone.

The businesses should jump on to the social bandwagon immediately, because they can devote as much time, resources as well as energy into social media marketing as they want, with absolutely no mandatory conditions for the amount of time and money spent. Even if they start out by devoting just a few minutes a day to social media, it can yield favourable results.

Social media provides the people with alarming number of platforms to express their opinions on a variety of issues and things-It is this availability of freedom to the people that should create expectancy among the businesses that they would have certain critics along with numerous fans.  This would provide the businesses with the best of the opportunity, to improve their brand image and most importantly turn the critics into loyal supporters.

Social media is too big to be ignored, the sooner the businesses dive in, the better would it be for them.


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