Short sighted social media strategy could harm your brand than help: Here’s why

Let’s just assume that you’re a brand. And, what’s the easiest thing to do, when it comes to jumping on the social media bandwagon? Set up your own facebook page, isn’t it ?

One can easily imagine the thoughts that are going through your mind, while creating a new facebook page.

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- I have an amazing product. People will just flock in, once I have my page.
- Can’t wait to throw all those promotions we’ve got up the sleeve.

Well, not trying to sound sore, but the reality is that, unless you’re a daily brand like Pepsi or KFC, your page would probably get a lot of likes and then get stuck at that. By the way, even Pepsi and KFC are finding it difficult to keep the ball rolling !

The thing is, nobody is on facebook to be sold a product. People don’t login to facebook to get coupons or offers. They’re out there to have fun with their friends, goof around, crack jokes and share some prety funny videos. They are NOT on a buying mode.

However, they might be on a “Consumption” mode. We’ll talk about that later.
So, by just setting up your own facebook page, you’re not doing any favor. You need to do a lot, lot more to get people’s attention (and sustain it).

Typically, even if you were a major recallable brand, people would “Like” your page for two reasons.

1 – Because they recognize you. AND / OR

2 – Because they would want to associate with you (And show it off!)

Simple as that. Now, this is an easy step if you’re an already established brand.
Assuming you’re a “Not-so-popular-as-Pepsi” brand, what would you do ?
Would setting up a page make you a superstar on Facebook ? (Think about what your competition might have done, had it been so easy.)

Absolutely not. Anyone can set up a facebook page. Fact.

What else ? That’s the important question.

Let’s ask some questions.

- Do you have something interesting to say, apart from your products ?
- Can you take criticism ?
- Do you have a clear idea as to what success is ?

If you do not have a communication message for social media, you’re missing a very big point. Because, social media is unlike other mediums like print or visual – where you could easily pull it off with a “I’m-awesome-come-to-me”, attitude. Here, on social media, it take a lot of conviction for people to take action. And it always has to be the most sincere and personal one.

People see a lot on facebook and other networks that they’re immune to promotions. One can easily figure out if someone (a brand, lets say) is trying to take advantage of them or not.

You have to have a different communication strategy and tone of voice on social media. Period.

So, setting up a facebook page or creating a new Twitter channel, isn’t going to help.

First off, figure out what your brand’s voice is. What the message is. What your attitude is and how you’re going to face criticism.

You get only one shot at social media, and if you don’t get it right the first time, you’re going to get your fingers burned. So don’t let short sightedness, cripple your vision. Think long term, think strategy. Not immediate results or quick luck.

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