The Power of Social Media : YouTube to live stream for Non-Profits

We all use YouTube for commercial purposes, try ways to increase awareness about our brands via various channels. However, many a times, community messages or messages sent out by Non-Profit organizations are left unheard. The intensity of the situation is unknown. With the help of live-streaming, YouTube definitely has taken a move to make a difference. Now people can be communicated to, Live, about issues which NEED to be heard, messages which non-profit organizations need to communicate, can now be made viral.

The Power of Social Media

Twitter has been buzzing with the KONY 2012 Campaign since a few days, we have seen the videos, we share and then we move on with our day to day lives, however Live Streaming would make a lot of difference to what is actually happening there. World Aids Day live streamed all day to showcase their activities.

YouTube will be holding a summit in San Francisco to better understand how to help non-profits communicate their stories on the Social Video Platform.

Brands keep exploring of ways to tie-up with CSR Activities, and now, we would have one more tool to make this a lot more effective. For those non-profits, who put in a lot of effort for a good cause, live-streaming would definitely spark a movement!

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