Utilise Social Media to Give your Press Release Centre Stage visibility.

You have an important announcement; you’ve drafted a crisp, detailed and factually exciting press release to be shared with your target audience. However, when you do share it, to your surprise it doesn’t get the mileage you expected.

The above scenario has become a common issue in today’s digital age where PR practitioners are still to adapt and incorporate widely used tools to maximize their client’s news. Let’s look at utilising some of the Digital and Social Media platforms to increase the visibility of your press release.

Press release sharing platforms

If you don’t upload client press releases on your company website, utilize free PR sharing websites such as pressreleasepoint.com or prweb.com etc. Journalists are very likely to click these links and this also reduces heavy email spamming.


Content with images has a higher click ratio as opposed to content without. This boils down to the simple human psyche of curiosity and enjoyments towards colourful images as opposed to long running B/W text.

While infographics may not be applicable everywhere, if you see the point in breaking it down to one, do it. These infographics have a long web life and often turn up in search results, thus aiding your SEO. And while you’re at it, try to make this a fun and educative read for your audience.


Today, you rely on Twitter for breaking news. Accept it. This platform has not only gained wide acceptance, but has also become an essential reference point for validating information. Here is how you can use twitter to push your press release towards the masses and your direct target audience –

  1. Tweet your headline – Not as it is, but more of a conversation, fact led, 140 character version of the same.
  2. #Hashtag the relevant keywords.
  3. Spokesperson Quotes – A strong quote is often what triggers a story, utilize it to your advantage.
  4. Generate #Didyouknows which encourage followers to read the release.
  5. Mention Journalists/Bloggers – If you are a regular on Twitter and maintain a formal interaction with journalists/bloggers, mention them in your tweets with regards to the press release. Make sure the information is relevant to them
  6. Always Credit sources when putting out information on twitter.
  7. Share links to the news uploaded on press release distribution.
  8. Share Infographic links
  9. Strike up, continue and maintain conversations. React in a timely manner as much as possible
  10. Don’t abuse the Retweet feature, that’s considered spam.
  11. Most importantly – Don’t forget to ‘Thank’ the media that carry your story forward. Tweet their story, mention them, and once again, utilise any interesting facts that may have appeared in the follow up story.


Pinterest is exciting, that’s how I’d sum it up. Here’s how you can use Pinterest to support your press release.

  1. Create a pin about a press release with a relevant image(s) – link it to the web version of the press release
  2. Utilise the infographics on Pinterest
  3. If you feel your press release requires more than one Pin, don’t think twice, just go for it
  4. Get creative, that’s what Pinterest is all about. Utilise unconventional images to get your audience wondering
  5. Share your pins on your Twitter feed – Integrate.


Personally, I’m very excited about this new addition to press releases. I say new, because it’s still to pick up the necessary momentum. Create a short video of your key spokesperson discussing the news, take some generic footage, add a voiceover, upload to Youtube and voila! You have a video press release. You can choose to make it more detailed depending on the media you are targeting.

As most media and blogs host web video channels, your press release with a video link just upped its chances of being picked up.

Once again, don’t forget to share the link on your other social platforms such as Twitter and Pinterest.

Facebook and Google plus

Yes, said in the same breath and I have valid reasons for that. Facebook and Google plus are more personalized social media platforms. Therefore how you share information is very important as it has to be done without the act of ‘spamming people’.


- Your Facebook followers may block you from their New Feeds if you were to keep posting robotic news and updates. Make it personal, make it a conversation and more importantly, make your followers feel like a part of your news. Your audience needs to feel involved in order to be interested in your company’s development. There should that air of “Oh I wonder what’s new on the McCollins Facebook page!”

Google Plus

– I’m going to take it for granted that everyone is on Google, to search, for mails and yes, Google plus. The platform is being utilized to host press conferences through ‘Hangouts’, reaching out to specific circles and more importantly to take advantage of organic SEO. While it may still take time to become extremely favoured over other social platforms, it’s important to start utilising Google Plus to execute your ‘firsts’ and create case studies.

Follow the above steps and drive visibility for your clients as well as your agency.

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