What you should know about Google+ Pages for Brands

Google recently announced that they have opened up Google+ pages for companies and brands and so now, Facebook has some serious competition on their hands. Here are our ideas about the possibilities for brands on the 40-million-user Google+ social network.

1. Your social presence matters now more than ever in both consumer engagement and marketing.
Move your brand up the search engine listings, and spend less on ads by increasing Google+ user engagement! Creating an engaging brand experience on your Google+ Page will help improve your search rankings. How? Now that users can +1 your brand (the equivalent of a “like” on Facebook), your +1 count could figure into the popularity and relevance rating of your brand in search results.

Google also rolled out another new feature called Google Direct which allows you to follow a company page easily. All you need to do is type “+” in Google Search, followed by the brand or business you want to follow. Simple.

2. Pull in a potentially huge mobile audience.
Google+ is included on most Android phones and this will immediately provide brands with access to a massive mobile audience! This is a serious opportunity for your brand to engage your audience who are on the go.

Imagine consumers seeing a message in their “Nearby” stream from a brand they assigned to one of their circles. The message announces a sale which will last for a few hours, and includes driving directions to the store via Google Maps. Now that’s convenient.

3. Circles = A Genius Idea.
Businesses can use “Circles” to segment their social media audience in order to target content and maximize engagement. You get to separate your VIPs, customers, and team members into circles. And even within these segments you can have sub-segments! For example, you might have circles of users who took a brand survey, so you would add them to an “Engaged Responders” circle. Another circle may include those who seem “Slow to warm up.”

In other words you can target audiences more efficiently than ever before! Aren’t you getting excited about the marketing opportunities here?!

4. Tap into the massive audience using Google’s other apps.
Google+ will also help you reach and engage with the vast, existing audience of Google consumer app users (Gmail, Maps, Chrome, YouTube etc).  First, you’ll see opportunities to bring your branded content to users inside of Google+ and enable them to easily share it with friends.

Take YouTube as an example. A YouTube search tab has been added along the top right edge of each Google+ screen. When users search for a video, they now see a pop-up video player and playlist of related videos, and each one can be +1’ed and shared with the user’s circles.

5. Other great features.

  • Unlike Facebook, Google+ is a more forgiving if you make a typo in a post. You can edit the post after you’ve posted it!
  • Your bio allows you to put in your entire service offering, so make sure you make it count. It even has a full WYSIWYG editor so you can bold/underline/italicize your text and input hyperlinks/bulleting/numbers.
  • You can link to all of the social networks your brands also uses by using tabs. You can even customize the name of these tabs, for example, “Learn on YouTube” or “Follow on Twitter”.

Pretty sophisticated right?

Now is the time to get your Google+ game on, so you can rise above competitors at the onset and attract a valuable audience. What are you waiting for?


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