Why Social Media is a double edged sword

Social Media is not all that good as we think it might be. It behaves as a double edged sword, especially when its used as a marketing tool.
Like many other marketing platforms, when it comes to promotions, things can get a little bit out of hand.

How can things go wrong ?

1 – When you’re not getting social.

Sometimes people talk about being social and you do the opposite, for many reasons. Mainly because you prefer the safety net and cannot rake risks. So you end up promoting your product on social media and end up being spam.

2 – When you don’t treat people well.
The most important part of a social media campaign is not your product or your prizes. Its the human factor. Social media is all about building relations in a natural way,and if you don’t treat people well, they won’t write bad things about you but write the reality – that you aren’t what you were supposed to be. It might not be that significant to measure, but the word goes around and you’ll end up being spam again (well sort of.)

How can you fix it ?

Well, there is no fixing in social media. You either do things right or screw up, there is no room for fixing. Get proactive, imaging how things can go out of control, do the needful to make sure it doesn’t and behave normal. If things go out of hand, admit it and do what you are supposed to, rather than brushing it under the carpet. There is no other way out.

Now, social media was supposed to be a fun thing is it not ?

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