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One app, four platforms:

Dubai Airport Freezone is ranked the Top Free Zone in the World by the Financial Times' fDi Magazine.

We were tasked with the job of designing and developing a robust informative tool that was the new home of the brand's digital face, the DAFZA Mobile APP The purpose was to provide DAFZA services such as company registration, search DAFZA client directory or accessing to DAFZA tas'heel services for existing customers or new business tenants. Users of the app needed to access a host of utilities to enhance their experience with DAFZA, regardless of their level of engagement. DAFZA sees millions of visitors each year. Some are just visiting and need to know about how to get there. Others work at DAFZA and need the latest services and news at their fingertips. Still others are new businesses that need information around the clock. The APP needs to work for each of these people equally well and that's a tall order! Our APP development team worked on design and back-end development to update the DAFZA experience, focusing on usability and functionality for employees, visitors, exisiting and potential clients alike.

dafza in mobile

From paper to pixels


Dafza icon drawing

We set out to craft each icon!

Today, the DAFZA App is live, sporting seamless design and inspired user experience.

A lot of thought went into the information architecture and we decided to segregate the content while bringing together around 300 services into one unique platform. From issuing visa booking to salary certificates, everything needed to be just a touch away. Our approach was to get the most important information easily accessible while keeping design, strategy and user experience with the contextualized overlay to the DAFZA brand. While creating the application, we realized that complexity kills, but so does simplicity without function. We may have cracked the formula for creating the perfect business application with lightweight interactions that require virtually no explanation.


DAFZA's digital identity was ultimately based on the content experience. That is what eventually brings the APP to life and paves way for an interactive relationship for DAFZA employees and potential clients. With all the tools integrated onto the DAFZA App, we have mobilized and set the path towards the future of the DAFZA experience, while making it available across the platforms of of iOS, Android, Windows & Blackberry.

dafza platforms


Since there were no commercial solutions readily available to meet all of the unique workflow challenges, DAFZA chose to innovate and invest in new technologies that promote collaboration and efficiency, giving us a strategic advantage in the market. By having all the information they need right in the palm of their hands, the DAFZA APP makes users better equipped to experience DAFZA and that in turn leads to increased collaboration, productivity gains and strategic advantage. The app has not only liberated business data to support decision making, but changed the relationship the users of the app have with the underlying systems and incentives to promote compliance with them. The App has seen over 2500 downloads through the iTunes stores worldwide. Additionally, it was one of the first government branded Apps developed for the Middle East region.

Dafza icon drawing
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