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Here's how a government body reinvented
itself to better relate to digital citizens.

Up until recently, if one wanted to communicate with any government body, you would have a few options: Show up in person, telephone or mail (of the snail variety). And there was never a guarantee that your voice would be heard, or if you'd get a response. Email made it easier, but the same limitations applied, only in electronic form. Social media gave everyone a voice and RTA decided to leverage this new medium.

With the widespread adoption and network effect of social media, RTA was able to distribute relevant information to their followers. RTA's adoption of social media as a credible communication channel allowed for clarity and detail beyond that which any other media could hope to achieve. Citizen communication was given the status of a two-way (public) street.

dubai metro

Close online engagement
helped achieve RTA's vision.

img Creates better decisions by capturing local knowledge
img Increases capacity of society to understand complexity of problems
img Increases public support by legitimizing the solutions

RTA as a government entity realized that they can answer questions or concerns over public, social media channels. Not only was it less expensive to respond to a Facebook post or a tweet, but it also had the added benefit of answering the same questions many others may have. Similar to the concept of frequently asked questions (FAQs), the goal was to solve one issue, while simultaneously helping others. Our team of social media managers established comprehensive social media engagement policies which directed citizens to the official government web-sites and to better overall citizen engagement.


We pivoted our approach, refocused the platform and delivered even more success.


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