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PR Service is not just about brand building. it's about building relationships

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PR Service is not just about brand building… it's about building relationships.

Public Relations Dubai PR Services Dubai

The methodology of conducting public relations across the Middle East has evolved, and communications managers are now leading boardroom discussions, and influencing stakeholders. At McCollins Media PR agency in UAE, our seasoned PR consultants work as an extension of your team, helping to deliver on your objectives.

Representing various disciplines from journalism and academia, government, information technology, and marketing - our consultants are adept at managing expectations. We understand the true value of earned media, the weight behind empowering influencers, and making your voice heard.

McCollins Media, with its strategic insights into the region, is ideally placed to provide clients a structured pathway across the gamut of public relations , corporate affairs, online reputation and crisis management.

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McCollins Media is a boutique PR consultancy firm based in Dubai Media City with world-class PR professionals and PR network in the middle east are the global brand communicators specializing in fashion, lifestyle, celebrity, beauty, charity or nonprofits, fundraising, events, consumer goods, sports, entertainment, tech, mobile app promotion, B2B, real estate, travel, food, automotive, healthcare, financial communication and investor relations in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE and the GCC gulf countries. Our popular PR services includes PR marketing and communications, public awareness campaigns, strategic consulting, media training, media coverage, press conference management, press release distribution, strategic planning, corporate writing, corporate story telling, copywriting, media measurement and monitoring, internal communications and CSR strategies.

Public Relations Dubai PR Services Dubai


One on One Interviews are organized with the key spokesperson of a company where in the media personally asks questions face to face. This also acts as a media relationship building activity as the client is often able to impart the passion about its brand and stress on the key messages they wish to convey. We organize 1:1 interviews in English and Arabic. We can also arrange for an English to Arabic Translator should the key spokesperson's not speak in Arabic.

Public Relations Dubai PR Services Dubai

Authored Articles

We believe in having several PR Routes rather than just releasing press releases. In order to position our clients as leaders within their field, we write Authored Articles on behalf of the Spokesperson of a brand, talking about their industry in terms of trends and development. The Authored Articles are written for targeted media where we understand what would the target audience of that particular publication like to read or hear about our client.

Public Relations Dubai PR Services Dubai

Product Reviews

As and when we get our hands on the new products which our clients are launching, we distribute it amongst our media friends so they may review the product, test its features and write about it. We ensure to provide them all the technical details about the product so the information written is correct.

Public Relations Dubai PR Services Dubai

Media Relations & Communication

They always say your network is your net worth ! Media Relations and communication is key to us and we ensure we create a healthy media relation betweeen our client and the press. From time to time we set up meetings to ensure we update the media about our clients and ensure our brands are always spoken about.

Public Relations Dubai PR Services Dubai

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Public Relations Dubai PR Services Dubai

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