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PR Service Dubai, PR Agency Dubai, PR Company DubaiPR Service is not just about brand building… it’s about building relationships. McCollins Media has built a formidable reputation in public relations(PR) for the region’s corporate, domestic and global businesses.

PR (Public Relations) Agency Dubai

We understand the true potential of Public Relations(PR) to position your brand the way you want and need to be seen. Efficiency is the key word, excellence is the benchmark. Our stellar creative team pushes the envelope to deliver measurable results while our PR methodologies blended with technological wizardry will put your brand far ahead of competition.


Whether it be a business press release or a product press release, we would draft the press release, arabize it and distribute it to a list of targeted media. Digital Press Release will also be issued targeting the online media. The Agency has a team of seasoned copywriters specializing in various fields like technology, hospitality and lifestyle to draft a strong press release for your brand.

So whether it be a new product launch, a business update, a new management hire or brand association, we will draft the press release for you and distribute it to the right media.

If you have got a big news to announce or launch a product, we can organize a Press Conference for you. Key Media would be invited covering print, online and broadcast media. Media kits would be prepared. 1:1 Interviews will be arranged at the Press Conference with the spokesperson of your company. We would ensure the mix of media is English, Arabic and Vernacular Media.

Logistics of the press conference in terms of Venue, F&B, Media Gifts, Montage can be organized by McCollins Media.

There are times when you want to discuss technical information or impart product knowledge to the media. In order to have a much more personalized approach with the media, we organize Media Roundtables which also works as a good relationship building activity with the press. We invite 5-8 Key Media Publications to visit our clients, wherein we have a small presentation about what we want to discuss with the media. A short Q&A Session is organized post the presentation.

With the launch of a company’s new premises or a production cycle, we often suggest our clients for a Press Junket, wherein we take the media to visit our clients set up. This often gives the media an understanding about how a brand functions, how a production of a specific product is done, or just the launch of a new office location. Media Roundtables can be clubbed with such an activity.

As for some of our MNC Clients, we also fly media to locations outside of the United Arab Emirates, where they visit the Head Office of a brand.


1:1 Interviews

One on One Interviews are organized with the key spokesperson of a company where in the media personally asks questions face to face. This also acts as a media relationship building activity as the client is often able to impart the passion about its brand and stress on the key messages they wish to convey. We organize 1:1 interviews in English and Arabic. We can also arrange for an English to Arabic Translator should the key spokesperson’s not speak in Arabic.

Authored Articles

We believe in having several PR Routes rather than just releasing press releases. In order to position our clients as leaders within their field, we write Authored Articles on behalf of the Spokesperson of a brand, talking about their industry in terms of trends and development. The Authored Articles are written for targeted media where we understand what would the target audience of that particular publication like to read or hear about our client. This positions are client as an authority in comparison to their competitors. Authored Articles are written in English and Arabic. We spend a lot of time researching about the industry before we pen anything down about a particular subject.

Product Placements

For the brands which keep launching products from time to time, we work with the media to have their products placed in relevant pages of the targetted publications. We ensure the products are placed where competitor products are seen as well. This ensure brand recall from time to time. McCollins Media specialized in Technology PR & Lifestyle PR where we get to place new products launched by our clients in leading media outlets.

Product Reviews

As and when we get our hands on the new products which our clients are launching, we distribute it amongst our media friends so they may review the product, test its features and write about it. We ensure to provide them all the technical details about the product so the information written is correct.

Media Relations

They always say your network is your net worth ! Media Relations is key to us and we ensure we create a healthy media relation betweeen our client and the press. From time to time we set up meetings to ensure we update the media about our clients and ensure our brands are always spoken about.

Crisis Management

If and when there is an issue our clients face, which have to be addressed to the media, we create a press release or organize a press conference / media roundtable, to address the problem and let the media know the actions taken by our client in order to curb the problem. We normally create a PR Policy in order to ensure we act right in situations of crisis.


It is extremely important to keep the stakeholders of your organization aware about the developments and news within your organization. So whether it is a new hire, a team activity, a product launch, an achievement, we suggest our clients to send out a newsletter. Internal Communication is key for the success of any organization, and the newsletter works well in keeping the team aware of where their organization is heading.

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