5 Digital Marketing Tips for your Restaurant

Digital Marketing for every industry differs and its crucial for us to understand who is our target audience and how would they reacts to our digital marketing efforts.

So here are 5 Tips to market your restaurant on the digital ecosystem:

Create exclusive content: We often see brands using content from the web and sharing it on their social media platforms. However, if we actually understand the unique selling proposition of the restaurant and created content starting from the menu, ambiance, chef and the staff, the content would seem a lot more exclusive, personal and human. The content should have a multimedia mix and cover various aspects of your restaurant. For example, create a behind the scenes YouTube video on how the chef makes one particular star dish or the authentic way of having a particular cuisine.

List your business with local directories: Whether it is Yellow pages or any other directory which is referred to a lot within the local market, ensure you have your restaurant listed there. Apart from which ensure you have digital listings on food blogs and sites with relevant content. Get websites like YELP, TripAdvisor to list and curate content about your restaurant.

Get Bloggers to review the food: Invite bloggers to your restaurant, let them experience the ambiance and food, review it and write about it! Getting a positive review from influencer’s is a great way of referral marketing and works wonders especially for restaurants.

Create effective Offers: Understand your logistics before committing to offers. Be it Facebook Offers or something on Groupon, ensure the business can commit to the numbers and discount provided. Effective offers will increase sale and footfall. Measure the reach and ensure you create your next offer according to the performance of the previous one. Try seasonal offers !

Involve your customers: Today the market is customer centric! Its all about your customers! Make them feel as a part of your restaurant and get them involved in events or activities which would be more of an experience for them. Organize a cooking class to teach your top customers a particular dish, or have a tasting session especially for them, as their feedback matters! Make them feel important. Share this content on the digital platform. As much as these are digital marketing efforts, ensure your communication is online as well as offline! Digitally interact with your audience, however meet them offline!

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