7 Benefits of Social Media Marketing for your business

Many a times we are asked as an agency, how can social media grow a business? Can it increase sales? Firstly, every business needs to be clear about the objectives of getting their business active on the digital ecosystem. Brands need to understand their target audience and then plan their social media strategy. Only once we have got this right, there would be many benefits of social media. Each business would benefit from social media in a different way.

So here are a few key Benefits:

Build your digital community: Gone are the days when would send flyers or an SMS to a database which has not been updated since a while! Your brand would look like a spammer. Social media helps you create unified data rather than big data, and build a digital community of active potential customers who actually matter to your brand. You can understand user behavior and react in real time to your customers need.

Creating awareness: Today as a customer centric market, Customer’s mold your brand by their demands. By creating awareness about your products or service, you get an immediate feedback on what your customers thought about it, you can educate them about your offerings and ensure you create a positive sentiment for your brand

Be Human: Rather than being hard selling, social media helps you be more human and create a relationship with your customers. Someone they connect to.

Brings Footfall to your store: You can actually track and measure how many people came into your coffee shop, retail outlet or your website via social media

Measure: Social media helps you measure your marketing spend, customer insights, sentiment analysis, gives you instant feedback

Lead Generation: You can get an immediate interest from your customer who wants to buy a car from your showroom and this helps you convert it into a sale

Builds you brand: It’s not always about the product or service, but also about the brand perception. Social Media helps you build positive PR for your business.

Share with us a few experiences on how social media helped your business!

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