Many a times we spend all our efforts and resources on building a website, and get lazy marketing it. Similarly, today everyone is in a hurry to make a mobile application for their business, but they have not actually thought through on how they will market this app.

Before developing the mobile app, outline the value additions of this App, how is it helping your target audience and then market the application based its unique selling proposition (USP). Another important point you might want to look into this, the platforms you require to be present on. The android market accumulates to 49% of the UAE Market, which makes it important for all apps to be developed in Android and iPhone platforms. These figures will change.

So after you have developed your application, here are 5 Tips on how you could ensure many people download your app and engage with it.

1) Issue Digital Press Release:

Draft a Digital Press release and issue it online. Make sure the PR Newswires carry the press release. You can also use social bookmarking tools for a better reach

2) Blogger Reviews:

Get in touch with Bloggers; get them to review the app. People will give feedback on how the app was helpful to them and what they thought about it

3) Create a noise on social media:

Ensure you create a buzz about the launch of the app on social media. Create a twitter hash-tag outlining the features of the app, posts on Facebook etc

4) Incentive based downloads:

Get your customers to download the app, following a particular incentive.

5) Integrate Online, Offline:

Create some offline collateral’s which mention about your new app, and get people to download the app.

In order to make sure, your app really works for your business, make sure you have some exclusive information available on the app, or a feature for which you can’t do without the app.

Share with us your experience about your app launch, and what worked for you?

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