If we were to revel at how technology has shaped the way we live, we would revel at it for a long, long time. And by the time we finish relishing, it is likely that better and cooler technology would have already been created in that time. We are extremely fortunate to be part of the twenty first century, simply because it is a time when technological advancements really flourish.

The mobile phone is one of these technological marvels that have significantly revolutionized our lives, where our stream of communication has exponentially expanded since the days of telegraphs and postal letters. During the 50s, the mobile phone was a large, chunky device that was only operational in an automobile, using a rotary dial. The incoming calls to this device required an operator to patch through the caller. Around the 90s, the bulkiness of the brick-sized mobile phones was chipped away, and in its place were mobile phones that were smaller, more efficient and had a wider coverage area. Over time, mobile phones were given the ability to connect with the Internet and this paved the way to the creation of limitless mobile applications that can connect, communicate and provide information. Now, fast forward to the twenty first century, where mobile phones have become the quintessential tool for communication and sharing.

Suffice it to say, the recent upswing of mobile applications has changed the way that people express, communicate, share and connect with one another. Gone are the days of using the computer to wait for an email, the days of sharing film-processed photographs or using a folded map for directions. We have limitless applications that let us video chat with a friend who is countries away or instantly share photos on our social networking pages. We never have to miss a precious moment, since our mobile phones are more than capable of capturing our moments in a heartbeat.

We have apps that provide businessmen with constant financial updates on stock markets and able them to analyze financial information straight from their mobile phones. For the younger generations, there are apps that allow them to continue their gaming experiences online or order their favorite pizza to be delivered to their doorstep. Sometimes, when we are confused about which actor was in that movie or that word that’s in the tip of our tongue, we have that pocket device that opens up our world to endless possibilities and answers.

These mobile applications have contributed to our daily life like never before and every day, even more applications are being developed that will certainly aid us in another aspect of our lives. They fit in to our lives so perfectly just like our feet that fit into our favorite pair of shoes and you never know, one day an app might do just that.

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