11 Social Media Trends for Brands to Engage

As the digital space continues to evolve in a predictable but many a times unpredictable environment, brands need to keep experimenting their methods of content delivery to have a grip of their imagination and keep altering their ways of communicating with their target audience.

Brands who are daring on social media always have an edge as they are more reactive in nature to changes that occur in the social space.

We see a lot more of the millennial a spending time more than ever watching short form video content on their mobile devices. We see social media channels like Facebook and SnapChat making the most of this digital trend.

In order to get people to follow you, you need to provide them value! Brands have successfully shown content which give people live access to events, product launches, let them interact with special guests, and give an insight to what a day would be like in the life of your brand.

People want access to exclusive information. Several brands have used SnapChat to show exclusive information, which otherwise is not available on other platforms. International brands on SnapChat have aced the platform by engaging with their audience on a personal level. Brands have tied up with influencers to feature on their channel and interact with the audience.

Similarly, Facebook has recently created a wave with the launch of Facebook Live which is now available in the Middle East as well. This feature is a great boon for brands who would like to showcase their new collection, new products, in-boxing videos, how to videos, address concerns of their fans, have a talk show or a debate. Brands have created a weekly property using Facebook Live where they tune in every week at a particular time and create a series of content which would engage with their audience. The feature has a live feed where fans can message while the live streaming is on, asking questions and sharing links. Brands like Taco Bell, Nissan, Benefit Cosmetics have already adopted the feature and created huge engagement for their channels. Once the Facebook Live video is completed, it then stays on the page as a normal video. With this shift, Facebook has potentially become a bigger rival to both YouTube and traditional TV.

Facebook Reports have confirmed that people spend 3x longer watching Facebook Live videos compared to those who are no longer live. Facebook has an average of 8 Billion daily video views. Branded video content has 148% greater organic reach as opposed to normal photo posts.

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