Social Media Success: Dissected

Identifying five key steps to help businesses garner success

Deadlines to meet. Briefs to crack and strategies to set. Prepping for the new business year is both exhilarating and nerve wrecking.

In an ever evolving market, how can you update your social media marketing approach to stand out from the clutter and catapult to new levels of success.

A Bullet Proof Checklist

●      Define your purpose

●      Establish a unique identity for each of your platforms

●      Be consistently present: Post at least once per day, per platform

●      Add value: On occasion, opting to remain silent has proven to be as effective as being communicative

●      Identify and adhere to your KPIs

We can hear you say it.

It sounds too easy, too simple. Do we just tear out and throw away the plethora of papers, books and posts that have been dedicated to the subject? Can the winning formula be simplified into a five-step list?

Needless to say that there is more depth to each step, and multiple elements need to be factored in. However, if we are to sift and sieve to create a basic outline, this is a solid list.

While it is seemingly simple, and may not completely eliminate the grind work, but take our word for it. By identifying these five key steps, you will be able to navigate your way, chart your communication efforts in the right direction, and ultimately stand at the helm of social media success.

Marketers, take note. Effective, easy and simple does win the race.

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