Trending Digital Content for 2020

  • Ephemeral Content: Nearing 500 Million people use Instagram stories every single day as of 2016. This number has only grown folds.  People rely on social media to decide before making a purchase. About ⅓ of the stories on Instagram are from brands. In the GCC, brands must jump into creating more real-time content and stories which followers will engage with.
  • Weird and Daring Content: Brands like Wendys have done wonders with breaking the norms and creating content that creates a wave. They use humor-wacky, weird and creative content to really make their audience laugh and share. Brands who have been successful on social media also have amazing community managers who have witty replies to comments people engage with for the brand. For this, brands must know their audience, tone of voice and be daring enough to experiment on the digital landscape.
  • New Influencer Discovery and Analysis: The number game is gone. No more “Likes Count”. The real influencers will come into play and brands can collaborate with those who actually have good engagement. We love working with micro-influencers as they create more genuine content and have real figures.
  • Tik Tok Marketing: The new channel everyone is talking about! Tik Tok has made a wave with its content and is the preferred platform for Gen Z. Brands are experimenting with campaigns and Tik Tok Influencers. Again, it’s a breath of fresh air to see some good engagement and content out there.

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