Social Media For Restaurants

Social Media is a powerful tool for reaching out to your target audience and generate leads. Businesses of all sizes need to interact with their customers. Social media platforms are the perfect medium for carrying out these communications. McCollins Media is a leading Social Media Marketing Company in Dubai with exceptional services and an unparalleled team of professionals.

The restaurant business is extremely competitive and it’s mandatory to have a strong social media presence to flourish in this profession. According to stats a whopping percentage of 49% utilizes social media networks to search for food options.

Social Media Marketing Tips for Restaurants

We are the Best Social Media Agency in Dubai serving customers from all across the globe. We ensure that the following tips are practiced during a restaurant’s social media campaign for maximum return on investment. 

Create profiles on leading social media platforms

Your restaurant’s detailed profile must be created on the following three platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

These platforms are the most effective for advertising your restaurant business due to high engagement and high lead generation. 

The profiles must be complete with correct information including your location, business hours, genre, contact details, and menu details, etc.

Facebook Marketing Tips 

Facebook is a perfect platform for marketing your restaurants as the users of this platform hang-out with each other here and plan eat-outs. The following tips are extremely helpful for advertising your food business via Facebook:

Cover Page: Creating an impressive and eye-catching cover image for your profile plays a vital role in creating your brand’s image. Utilize these 851*351 pixels of our cover image to grab attention of target audiences.

Page Tabs: The tabs on your Facebook page must be organized effectively to give an insight of what your restaurant offers.

Upload photos of your food: Creating visually impressive lookbooks of your food to impress customers.

Post offers and deals: Introduce exclusive offers and deals for users in return of likes and shares.

Contests and Sweepstakes: Posting sweepstakes and contests for maximum engagement is a very effective marketing strategy.

Create geo-targeted ad campaigns: The paid promotions and campaigns must be geo-targeted so that people residing nearby your location can be reached.

Upload videos: Uploading videos featuring chef interviews or recipes can also prove to be very impressive for your brand’s image.

Social Media Marketing on Instagram

Instagram is the most popular photo-sharing platform. It can be utilized with integration with Facebook for generating leads and enhancing your customer base.

The following tips must be followed on Instagram for the effective marketing of your restaurant.

  • Using Hashtags :
    • Include trending hashtags relevant to your business for increased brand awareness.
    • The hashtags must be niche-specific 
    • The hashtags must be relevant to the type of contest or campaign you are running
  • Post delicious photographs of your menu items to attract customers
  • Engage your followers by conducting activities like asking them to upload photos of their favorite items, or photo contests, etc.
  • Appreciate your best performing staff to depict your restaurant’s culture and work ethic.

Social Media Marketing on Twitter

Twitter marketing is extremely effective for small to large scale restaurants due to its robust conversion rate and high usage via mobile phones. Effective tips include:

  • Add links to your menu in your tweets to encourage call-to-action.
  • Upload impressive images of your menu items and interior
  • Introduce social coupons for loyal and new customers 
  • Include relevant and trending hashtags to your posts 
  • Tweet on hot time slots
  • Utilize paid promotions for your best tweets for maximum reach
  • The ad campaigns must be geo-targeted


Social media platforms are vital for building up a strong image for your brand and reach maximum number of potential users. Our team of highly skilled marketers at the Best Social Media Agency in Dubai provides you with the effective strategies for interactive social media presence and high ROI.

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