SEO Trends in Today’s Age

Do you ever wonder how when you search up for something the same thing then keeps showing up everywhere else? That’s the magic of SEO for you.

SEO known as Search Engine Optimization, is the practice of optimizing so that the content can be discovered through a search engine’s search result.

In today’s age SEO has been trending the most as everything is looked up online.

Quality Content

By emphasizing on the content we get closer to formatting our search engines to understand us and the context of our searches. As content affects everything in SEO, we need to make sure it’s relevant to the customers and will be effective. Always by making sure you have the best content out there will naturally get you a higher fanbase.

Mobile SEO

With everyone using mobile more than laptop or computer as it is more portable and handier to use, Mobile SEO is the next trend to keep up with. And with the latest introduction of 5g of wireless technology there’s no turning back from the use of a mobile phone. So by making sure the site is mobile friendly and can be easy to use on mobile will become increasingly prevalent as more people use mobile devices for search.

Using more long-tail specific keywords in more targeted content

Statistics say that 70% of all online searches use long-tail keywords. In 2020, highlight long-tail keywords through intentional formatting. SEO trends may change, but some practices remain evergreen. Long-tail keywords speak to user intent and help reach people that are looking for content that’s relevant.

Voice Search Algorithms

As you know how easy Siri, Google Voice, Alexa has made our life especially among millennials. More people will start using voice search to find information as years go by. The influence of voice search continues to grow. optimizing for voice search is a must for content marketers in 2020. Verbal responses need to be easily digestible and should not need repetition. So by accordingly tailoring your content to reflect this on your search.

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