4 Ways to Create Buzz on Social Media

Social media marketing is continuously growing at a rapid rate as brands nowadays opt to posting their products and services on sites such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter—huge platforms easily where almost everyone with a smartphone or computer has access to.

Quality content is what keeps a brand’s promotions afloat; exciting and compelling content is what piques the interest of consumers. Generic and repetitive posts are boring and will most likely be left with very few engagements, or even none. To avoid this mistake, having an effective marketing strategy is a must.

No need to look further—check out this list for the four tips you need to know to have a well-planned and buzzing campaign:

1. Know what you want to offer.

Most people think that continuously launching new products is the only way to go, but this mindset will just confuse consumers. Focus on one thing that you want to create buzz for, and make sure that your content is original, timely, credible and compelling. After figuring out what product or service you want to promote, present the idea to your colleagues and gradually build it up from there. Remember to look back at the goals you had when starting your brand, then develop a game plan in order to create quality promotional content that will benefit your brand in the long run.

2. Mind the gaps and hurdles.

Change is a constant thing that affects everyone. In this case, however, it is something that will have an impact on your relationships with consumers. Consumers will most likely have reservations about new things but to counter this, think one step ahead. List down all possible hurdles you might encounter from your target market and formulate the best possible solutions for them. After doing so, build up their excitement through posts that will convince them to potentially buy the product when it is released.

3. Converse with your consumers.

Trust is the most valuable part of maintaining a good relationship between a brand and its consumers. The best way to strengthen these relationships is by engaging in conversations. For example, user-generated items such as reviews and testimonials must be encouraged for the brand to know what to improve on. These simple interactive processes will make the consumers feel their involvement towards the process of making products that suit their taste. Eventually, this will evolve into excitement towards finally seeing the product be released and, in the end, this will drive them to likely purchase it. Another example of this can be done by having collaborations with reputable brands and relevant influencers who can help you reach current and future consumers through different media platforms (YouTube, TikTok, podcasts, etc.). This is a way to promote in a low-key way, and, after some time, this will give them familiarity towards the product and the brand because they will get used to hearing or seeing it in a variety of media.

4. Soft sell your product.

In other words, sell your brand without selling your brand. Posts with insightful copies will likely be more appreciated over sales pitches—it would make the customers feel like you value and prioritize their needs and, rather than having to sell your products.

It is best to keep in mind that gaining your consumers’ trust is the stepping-stone to success. Without it, all your hard work with planning and strategizing your marketing plan will be just for nothing. These four tips are simply just guidelines to create buzz and excitement, but it will still be up to you and your creativity to keep your consumers engaged and to continuously generate interest towards your brand.

Have any ideas of your own? Share it with us in the comments below and let us have a discussion. 

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