At McCollins, we believe in
People first, then technology.

Mobile First Technology, Content Driven Approach

McCollins Media is amongst the first few digital brand activation agencies in Dubai, UAE. The services are offered through the GCC Region. We have had the pleasure of working on some of the biggest brands and also being a part of the journey of some of the most daring start-ups. The team has a very personal approach to the brands we work with, and that’s what makes us different. That’s why we build stopping power in everything we do, from Website Design to Digital Brand Activation and Social Media Marketing to Public Relations. It’s a simple philosophy but it’s incredibly effective. We take the ownership of our brands, and ensure we have a strategic yet creative approach with our digital marketing approach.

With a team of young individuals, we dare to be different and love experimenting with brands who share the same spirit as us. From Web Development and App Development to Social Media Marketing, we enjoy the content development process which is fed across the digital landscape. We love creating video content and using Digital Media Buying to reach the right audience. Our team is completely in-house and this helps us keep a tap on the quality of our services! Come join us for a coffee to know more!


The secret to standing out and creating stand-out work is to be fearless.


You become discordant. And the key to all
fearlessness starts with the question: Why Not?


It's not enough to simply accept that things
can't change, that things won't change.

“Why Not?” is a battle cry. It’s a call to action for us to develop our creativity into spaces where others won’t go. It’s a place where no idea is stupid no thought is discounted.

But it’s also the rational backup to our instincts and make sure we don’t cross the line between fearless and reckless.

When things don’t go the way we want them to or we aren’t achieving what we set out to do, it’s time to stop and ask “Why Not?” – and adjust our velocity accordingly.

Most of all, it’s a tool for us to challenge each other. Without it we fall back into the patterns of subjective, creative dissonance – and the only way is down. When we use the question, we get feedback – from our clients and from each other – that we can use to improve, to grow, to outstrip the competition.


Delivering the digital strategy and execution you need to make your business sparkle in the online space.


We count on results, but awards are always gratifying

Campaign - Government 2012
Strategy - Government 2013
SME Stars of Business
Award 2013