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Determine the goal

The purpose of an android application must be clearly defined. The developer needs to understand what the app is all about and the solution it is expected to provide.

Build for a Target Audience

Most times, the features and functionalities of an app depend largely on who it was built for. For example, apps targeted at elderly users should ideally be relatively less sophisticated than for young people.

Focus on User Experience

Most smartphone users prefer applications with greater ease of use and fewer complications. The look and feel, navigation, speed and efficiency of an app are some of the factors that determine user experience and satisfaction.

Ensure App Compatibility

Many different versions and upgrades of smartphones and its facilities are rolled out on a daily basis. Developing your app to support these multi versions and accommodate all levels of smartphones is key.

iOS/iPhone App Development Company in Dubai, UAE

Apple devices are taken to be in a league of their own when it comes to uniqueness, style and exclusiveness. To maintain its standard, Apple has imposed some specific criteria for iOS App Development. Fulfilling these requirements is what guarantees your app a place in the Apple App Store.
To develop iOS apps, a developer can choose to code with native languages such as Swift or Objective C. Alternatively, iOS apps can be built with cross-platform frameworks such as JavaScript's React Native or Xamarin using C#.
Over 33% of mobile users in Dubai and Saudi Arabia prefer Apple devices. This has made iOS app development become increasingly lucrative in those areas.
Developing iOS apps can be both challenging and fun. It all depends on how well you know what to use and what to do to get what you want.


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iPhone App Strategy

To have a successful iOS development experience, app developers must devise effective strategies to make their apps stand out. Here are some of the common ways to be sure you’re on the right track in developing iOS apps.

Purpose of the app

Programming in itself is simply the art of problem-solving. Before you proceed to write codes, you need to answer the question of why you need to develop the app. This goes a long way in determining what you need and the approach you take in building the app.

Target audience

Ideally, every app is targeted towards a particular audience. For instance, an app built for children might not need the same outlook as an app for a bank. With a target market in mind, the developer knows where to focus on.


Developing apps that are supported by different versions of iOS increases the app’s chances of more downloads. It is a good practice to ensure that your apps are backwards compatible. That is, they can run on older iOS versions.


An average iPhone user wants apps that are slick, fast, powerful and yet less resource-intensive. As a developer, it is advised that you build your iOS apps to be highly efficient.

iPhone App Design

The design of an app generally entails all about the look and feel of the app. iPhone app designers are responsible for creating the user interface and user experience of iOS apps. Typically, designers use applications such as Adobe XD or Sketch for building and prototyping iOS apps. This is the general guideling for iOS app designs:

Guidelines for iOS app designs
  • Align the design to the purpose of the app
  • Keep the interface as less complicated as possible
  • Structure the app for better readability
  • Follow OS-specific rules

iPhone App Development

It is the duty of app developers to implement the functionalities designed for an app. They are responsible for programming both the user interface, user experience and logics of the app.

Tools for iOS App Development
As an app developer, you need various tools such as code editors, IDEs, libraries and frameworks. Some of the most common editors are XCode, Appcode and Swifty.

Enterprise iOS Apps

In the world of iOS, Enterprise apps are those that are built specifically for a company for in-house use. They are streamlined for a particular business and as such, are seldom found on App stores.

Getting an iOS Enterprise Developer account may cost up to $399 per year. Also, each company is entitled to just one enterprise developer account.

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