Wagamama Dares – and so do we!

Not very often you get hands on a brand that dares to create content and create a wave on the digital space. Wagamama is one such brand where we thoroughly enjoy our creative process and let the creative juices flow. From Photoshoots, to collaborations with bloggers, hosting competitions and curating campaigns, the brand loves integrated marketing campaigns which are executed across the line – online and offline!

Being Tactical with F&B

In today’s market, with so many brands trying to make their mark, and the number of retail outlets opening in UAE, you really have to make some noise to stand out.

We create several tactical campaigns from time to time for Wagamama, which help us stay connected to our audience. Campaigns which are sales led, brand led, customer led are all a mix of a great tactical strategy for the brand. With the use of social media ads on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube, we reach our to our audience and ensure conversions for our social media campaigns.


With the fun nature of the brand, it is always exciting to create micro videos which are consumed on IGTV, Snapchat and Advertising campaigns. For 2019, with the F&B Brands we have on board, we look forward to focusing on creating content which is more engaging and would help stir conversations for our brands

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