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SEO & SEM Services

Get your website working for you! Optimize your website, run Google SEM Campaigns to reach out to your target audience.

Search Engine Optimization

Making your brand visible on Google search, at the right place, at the right time.
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Competitor Targeting

Keep an eye out for what your competitors are doing, and be visible when your customer searches them.
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Search Engine Marketing

Result Driven Google Ad Campaigns for Lead Generation, Call to Action which works for your brand.
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Display Ads

Campaigns curated for brand awareness, lead generation and website traffic. Display Ads are all about getting eyeballs for your brand.
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#1 Search Engine Optimization Company in Dubai, UAE

Search Engine Optimization has long been a process that played a huge role in enhancing the quality and quantity of your business’ website traffic. So how does this Search Engine Optimization work? Various search engines such as Google and Bing have multiple layers of filtering through the quality of content for a website (including your business’ website). These search engines then rank your website based on multiple factors such as keyword density, mobile-friendliness architecture and more. 

These algorithms are maintained in order to only provide the most relevant information and make a user’s experience on the search engine an efficient one. Optimizing the content on your website, helps your business gain the organic reach it has always planned to obtain. 

All this, leads one to the main question that comes into play, who can actually boost your business’ website to the top of these search engines?

Boost Your Leads, Sales and Revenue with the right SEO services

Standing at the forefront as one of the best agencies to drive only most relevant traffic with the help of search engine optimization, McCollins Media hoans pride in being one of the best SEO agencies in Dubai. Our SEO strategies have helped websites reach the top rankings of search engines thus making our team of specialists an extremely efficient and successful team when it comes to all types of SEO related tasks and skills. Every second spent on your website is always deliberate and goal-focused when it comes to the effort put into your business’ SEO ranking. 

Our targeted solutions ensure that you attract the right customers and grow your business by converting leads. At McCollins Media, we perform measurable marketing campaigns and closely monitor every click and lead on your website to observe what works and what doesn’t and further amend the content accordingly. With our SEO strategies we make sure that you’re on the right track by delivering data that are designed for results. 

We set the seal on leveraging a bounty of performance data paired with market research to create the perfect strategies for you. Our techniques combine the best of technologies along with the best team to deliver lasting results efficiently. Driven by passion to deliver great work to help great businesses.

To SEO or not to SEO? That is the real question

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has always played a fundamental role in digital marketing for your business. A major part of users searching online consists of looking up information on certain products and services of a business. While most people understand that SEO plays an important role for a website, most are unaware that there are more than 200 factors that go into determining the rank of your website.

Being the most primary source of digital traffic, search has proven to be one of the most vital aspects of a business website. By obtaining a higher ranking, a business also achieves more search visibility which helps stay ahead of every competition.

With Search Engine Optimization evolving constantly, we ensure that our top priority of the team of experts is to stay updated on all aspects of this field. This includes understanding what works and what doesn’t work, irrespective of the industry. We always strive to do better in order to support the visions of our clients while optimizing the structure of your website.

What can our team of SEO experts offer you?

On Page SEO Services - Get first page results!

First thing’s first, what exactly is on page SEO? Ace everything from metadata information to website codes in order to make your website user friendly and on the top picks of a search engine.

Drive only the most relevant traffic from search engines with the help of our highly skilled team who will lift your website’s ranking up the charts with some of the best optimization methods. We apply our methods to both HTML sources pages as well as the content curated.

Crawl efficiently with the right team and right tools. At McCollins Media we find and fix errors that we spot on your website that have been hindering your performance. We ensure we pull focus to strengthening your foundation and make it stand out amongst the other websites. Increase your first page rankings by overcoming all obstacles and queries regarding On Page SEO.

Ranking on the first page can allow leads to skyrocket through the roof. With a diverse portfolio and having performed SEO services for various businesses of different fields, we understand just what each segment of potential customers and target audiences are looking for. We ensure that your content stays click-worthy and relevant to the target search.

As many believe, the success of a website lies on the foundation it was built on.


Off Page SEO Services - The strongest technique to get you to the top!


Bump your website’s ranking to the top with more than just On Page SEO services, with the support of our team working relentlessly on backlinks, social media and social bookmarking sites, we always promise results that last.

There’s no doubt that there exists high competition, especially in an online marketplace. Everyone strives to be at the top achieving the most traffic. While a well-functioning and optimized website is primary in order to achieve that, it is also important to ensure that the business receives a positive reputation from other platforms and channels too.

McCollins Media offers off page SEO support for businesses that aim to enhance their brand outside the website. By optimizing factors that affect your Search off a webpage, we ensure that every aspect of your presence online is created and designed as such to promote your brand awareness and draw in more traffic.

The search engine algorithms continue to evolve and are incredibly nuanced, Off Page SEO is known to weigh in more than 50% of your business’ website rankings. This occurs because of off-site factors such as backlinks which ride on social media activities and website functionality and more in order to paint a clearer and bigger picture of your brand.

At McCollins Media, we offer targeted off-page SEO services that are sure to optimize your web presence inside out. We will help curate the perfect process to make the most out of your marketing efforts.

Website Audit - No need to make room for errors anymore!

Stay clear of any errors that are stopping your business from being the best in the industry with the help of our website auditing. Using only the finest tools and after intensive studying, we can help you understand what steps could be taken to enhance your website to make it extraordinary. We help create a roadmap towards achieving your goals by diving deep into auditing your website.

A website audit is a quick way to assess the efficiency of your website. This audit needs to be performed regularly in order to ensure that every facet of every web-page is optimized to its fullest potential which will lead to ranking higher with major search engines such as Google. A professional website audit by us assures that there will be no bugs crawling that could potentially harm your site in any way.

Our technically skilled audit experts ensure that they catch even the smallest of errors when it comes to SEO and always offer actionable recommendations on how to improve your presence online, marketing performance, and social media management. You can avail your business a fully comprehensive service that dives into every detail of your rankings and a personalized team of experts dedicated to get you to the top.

Content Creation - Content tailored to your best interest

It is time to convert customers with the help of content. Sticking to routine in depth keyword research and competitor analysis, we can help target the most effective keywords for your business and content in order for it to portray your goals and what you have to offer your customers while also making it to the first page of search. This type of content requires intense research and understanding of both the customers as well as the search engine.

By identifying and creating content around high volume keywords also referred to as high converting search terms, we can work on improving your appearance on search engines as well as drive traffic and user engagement to your website.

SEO Strategy - The Perfect Game Plan

They say success starts with a simple plan. By aligning our SEO strategies to your objectives, we can help create the ideal game plan for your SEO to track ROI. Much like any other process, our strategies have been successful over a course of action that has driven organic performance and revenue growth to many businesses. In order to make the most out of your SEO and your bottom line, you need to set clear and focused goals based on substantial research and analysis. Our strategies are always aimed to help your business rank higher and grow faster.

Report and Analysis - Keep track of your journey with us

With the help of reliable data you can make better business decisions.From collecting accurate data regarding website visits to improving online performances and in turn increasing conversions, McCollins Media has your business covered. Some of the services we do while curating our reports and analysis are:
  • We audit your current analytics and help prioritize your next steps accordingly
  • We identify potential points of conversion and measure the success of various marketing channels and tools.
  • We create custom reports, tailored to the information you need to know the track you are on. With these actionable insights you will know you can improve traffic and conversions.
  • We troubleshoot your analytics installations to ensure you get only the most accurate data
  • We have a keen eye out for any interesting opportunities that could help your business grow its presence online.

Ultimately, a business relies on quality data to function successfully. The need to find people who resonate with and genuinely interact with is a prime focus when it comes to a business and we can help you find the right target audience and even work together with you on obtaining them as customers.

It’s time to turn those mere visits into actual leads!

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