We’re fascinated by quite a few things here at McCollins Media, not the least of them being the art of social media.

We believe in leaving nothing to chance

And that's why we can offer you the services you need to navigate this unpredictable medium.

Social Media is more than just a Facebook status update or the odd tweet. Venturing into social media is akin to having a massive spotlight shone directly onto your business. And if you’re not prepared for everything, than anything can happen.

We believe in leaving nothing to chance and that’s why we can offer you the services you need to navigate this unpredictable medium.

Some people say there’s no such thing as bad publicity. We disagree. In the Social Media universe, reputation is everything so you need to know what’s being said about your brand at all times, in order to respond in a timely and appropriate. We use a secret combination of proprietary software and good old fashion human snooping to keep abreast of what the cool kids (and the angry ones too) are saying about you.

Content Management


Managing your brand on the digital platforms, we create social media calendars which outline what to post, when and where in alignment with our digital strategy. Create content that will engage with your audience, and not to just hard-sell your brand.

Comment Moderation


Listen to your customers and respond to them in real-time! We moderate brand pages and act like a digital customer service arm, creating conversations with your target audience.

Buzz Generation


Give value to your fans to engage with the brand. From Macro to micro campaigns, we ideate from an annual campaign calendar to a seasonal one. Be it the launch of a new restaurant, or a service to engaging during Ramadan with your target audience, we create tactics to create buzz about your brand.

Social Media Monitoring


Without listening to what your customers have to say about you, no social media strategy is complete. Understand what people want and feed them with the gap. Key Performing Indicators are outlined to determine the success of our campaigns.

Blogger Outreach Program


Getting the right influencers to talk about your brand is crucial. Our team is solid when it comes to nurturing relations with bloggers and creating content for the brand. From food, lifestyle, technology bloggers to influencers, we have a well-spread network within the GCC Market.

From individual blogger reviews, to blogger meet-ups, we work with bloggers to create a customized experience for your brand!

Campaign Management


By just uploading a post or a story is not going to make social media work for your brand. We create strategic and creative campaigns which will make your target audience engage and advocate for your brand. It’s all about emotional marketing and human engagement, our campaigns are curated to tell a story about your brand!

Digital Ad Management


Creating content is a key aspect of social media, however, delivering the content to the right target audience is even more important. With Paid reach, brands can define a Call To Action for their content, and get numbers in to evaluate the success of the social media activities for every brand.

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube,Twitter,  Snapchat, Retargetted Ads.

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